Our Core Values

To support the Survivex Vision and Mission the following core values are integrated into all aspects of our business and day-to-day operations.


Safety is the foundation upon which we carry out all of our activities. Employee and delegate safety and wellbeing are of the upmost importance to Survivex. We ensure that ever-improving policies and procedures are in place so that health and safety is never compromised.


Delivering on time, within budget and against expectations. Survivex aim to build a reputation on being reliable, responsible and for the quality of the training services we provide. Our training instructors act with integrity and professionalism at all times.

Ethically Sound

We always behave with integrity and where our morals are challenged, will act responsibly and conscientiously. We are courageous in our decisions but also practicable, reasonable and sympathetic in their execution.

Customer Service

We ensure that our customers receive excellent service at all times. We create close relationships with our customers, listening to them and ensuring that their specific needs are met. Our client relations are open and honest at all times.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to growing and getting better at what we do each day, as individual employees and as a company. Customer feedback is extremely important to us as it helps us to better understand customer expectations. With this information we work continuously to innovate and improve our services and processes.

Challenging the Norm

Employees are encouraged to challenge the norm and come up with innovative new business ideas and ways of working for the benefit of both Survivex and our clients.


We take responsibility for our actions and support our colleagues to be responsible individuals.