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14 Aug 2019 / News

ECITB Appointed Person Moving Loads Now Available


Survivex have recently received approval for the popular ECITB Appointed Person Moving Loads course and technical trade test

For those looking to develop their career in lifting operations, both Survivex and its sister company AIS Training are offering a new ECITB qualification.

This invaluable four-day qualification covers the management and planning of lifting and load moving operations and covers everything from how to manage slinging and lifting operations to verifying the integrity of supporting structures.

Aimed at riggers and steel erectors in the engineering construction industry, the course gives you the skills to perform the role of ‘Appointed person in moving loads’ making you more attractive to potential employers looking for experienced supervisors.

Paul Knowles, 3T Energy Group Vice President UK and Europe, said: “We are delighted to receive this accreditation to deliver ECITB’s Appointed Person Moving Loads course, along with the TAP01 technical trade test.  We have extensive experience and proven success in delivering Rigger / Banksmen courses for the global energy sector and this latest qualification is a natural evolution of our rigging and lifting customer offer in both Newcastle and Aberdeen.

“It is also the first time this qualification will be available in the Newcastle area, giving our existing customers and new clients additional choice and availability.”


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