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05 Jun 2023 / News

Energy industry success stories – where are they now?


We’ve shared scores of offshore success stories over the years, showcasing how our delegates are thriving in their careers in the energy sector following training with AIS Survivex 

At AIS Survivex we love to keep in touch with past delegates, finding out where their training has taken them and supporting wherever we can with further courses and advice as they progress in their jobs 

We caught up with some of our previous success stories to see how they are getting on in the oil and gas, marine and wind industries and to share their advice on how to get a job offshore.  


Barry Boyle – Wind Turbine Technician with Swire Energy and Commercial Drone Operator 

Aberdonian Barry Boyle made a big career change back in 2021, after 12 years of working in sales. He successfully secured a rope access job just 3 days after completing a range of training with AIS Survivex, including IRATA Rope AccessGWO Basic Safety Training (BST) and GWO Blade Repair courses. 
This initial role quickly led to Wind Turbine Technician job opportunities and now Barry also operates drones professionally. 


After recently completing his GWO refresher training, Barry reflected on the past few years and where he sees his career taking him 
“Since I completed my training, I haven’t found it difficult to get work.  

My career highlight so far was my first time going up a wind turbine climbing up the ladder, opening the hatch and stepping out of the hub. It was a liberating experience!  

“In the short-term, I can see myself continuing to work on wind turbines or getting into the project management side of the wind industry. In the long-term, I’d also like to get more involved with drones.”  


Jamie Gray – Rope Access Blaster-Sprayer at Stork 


Ex-serviceman Jamie Gray from Glasgow showed how to go from military to a job offshore after spending 2 weeks with us last year, gaining his IRATA Rope Access Level 1 and OPITO Blaster-Sprayer certs. Just 7 days after completing his training, Jamie secured an offshore job as a Rope Access Painter Blaster with AIS Survivex client, Stork. 

Having spent the last year in this role, Jamie has been on 9 oil rigs and continued to build up his hours of rope access workhe’s now over halfway to being able to take on the Level 2 rope access course  


Jamie spoke to us about how he finds working offshore and his long-term career goals… 

“One of the highlights of my role so far was during my most recent rotation, where I was working as high up as you can possibly go on an oil rig – the views were amazing and it was so peaceful. 

I’m quite aspirational and I would like to progress in the company. I am interested in going into inspection work - this is a natural progression for my role and would require me to complete Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) courses, which I know AIS Survivex offer 

“Watch this space!”  


Bartosz Zięba – FRC Boatman with ESVAGT A/S  


Bartosz Zięba won back the cost of his OPITO ERRV Crew Initial Shipboard Operations (ITSO) and Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) Boatman courses in June last year, after entering our photo tagging competition. 

Bartosz is a seafarer from Szczecin in Poland, a city rich in maritime history. With his marine roots, it’s no surprise that he was drawn to a career at sea, finding a job as an FRC Boatman quickly after completing his training in Aberdeen. 


Bartosz commented on his personal development and looking forward to the future… 

“At this point, my work is very satisfying. The opportunity for continuous professional development is important to me. I am very happy to have the chance to keep improving my FRC skills and increase my first aid knowledge.  

“In the near future, I plan to get my Officer of the Watch (OOW) certificates - we will see what new opportunities this brings!”  


We wish all of our success stories the best of luck in their careers 

We’re looking forward to welcoming them back for further training and can’t wait to see how far they’ll go with the skills they’ve learned both in centre and on the job.  


Some final advice on how to get a job offshore for those looking to get started in the wind, oil and gas or marine industries 



I think my determination set me apart. Be persistent, follow up on job applications and phone recruiters – they get hundreds of emails and CVs so a quick phone call can help you stand out.”  



If you know what you want to do professionally, find out exactly what training you need to complete to get there. Sometimes you may be one course or skill away from your goal.”  



Be tenacious! Keep speaking to recruiters every day and dig your teeth into securing a job. Don’t take no for an answer – once you have your foot in the door, it’s a lot easier to get work.”  



Are you interested in a career in the energy industry?  

AIS Survivex is the UK’s biggest energy sector training provider and offerover 650 courses across the oil and gas, renewables, marine and heavy industries.  

Whether you’re looking for your next offshore survival course, rope access course, wind turbine courses or even inspection or welding courses– our cross-sector training has you covered. 



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