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07 Jun 2018 / News

Hannah Miley HUET Challenge for Sands


Scottish Commonwealth super-star Hannah Miley set to complete HUET challenge at the Survivex training centre in September in aid of charity.

A Word from Hannah...

On the 1st September I will be taking part in the HUET Challenge (Helicopter Escape Training) at Survivex, Aberdeen. I’m hoping to raise as much money as I can for the SANDS charity and the Baird Family Hospital Project. 

I have chosen to support SANDS because it is a charity that is close to my family’s heart. Sands support is vital in providing devastated families, the care and support they need during a very difficult and distressing time in their lives. 

Not only is Sands support vital to families but they are also financially supporting funding for research, to reduce the number of infant deaths. 

Team Sands-Aberdeen have been involved in raising money towards a new Bereavement Suite which will be located in the Maternity Unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. 

The funds raised will be used to provide the best supportive and compassionate environment available to grieving families. You’re donation no matter how small will help to create a sensitive and caring environment for all bereaved parents in the Grampian area.


Local History 

I have grown up and lived in Inverurie for over 26 years, I’ve swam for my first club Garioch for over 22 years. I have done all my training in Inverurie up until 2017, it has taken me to Olympic Games, Commonwealth, World Championships and European Championships. Family is one of the most important things in my life, I’m doing this challenge for them; for those work have and continue to work offshore and the Charity Sands.

My dad is Patrick Miley, who for 27 years was a North Sea Helicopter pilot with Bristows Helicopters. 

He would routinely fly over the North Sea to the Oilrigs.  This was a challenging job with a range of risks and hazards that he had to face on a daily basis. I am extremely proud of him for what he has achieved over the years. My Dad would spend all of his spare time coaching me in the pool when he was not flying. 


Why the HUET?

On a regular basis my dad would take part in HUET as part of his ongoing training. 

I hugely admire all helicopter pilots especially those who fly out to the oil rigs every day in all weather conditions. In their honour I would like to put myself through this training and to challenge myself to experience it first hand.  Ironically I have a huge fear of small spaces and water, the sensation of feeling trapped and not being able to breathe will be a huge challenge for me to overcome.
The HUET Challenge will be taking place at the Survivex Training Centre in Aberdeen. I, along with a small team (including my two brothers) will be put through different ditching scenarios in a simulated environment, similar to the North Sea. The level of difficulty will be stepped up with each round, using a wave machines, gale force winds, total blackouts and a range of challenges added in to make the experience as realistic as possible. 

Sands groupwill be commemorating the 40th anniversary of Sands (Stillbirth and neonatal death charity) in June. This makes completing the event all the more special to mark the milestone for the charity.


Event Details

Everyone is welcome to attend the challenge event that will be held at the Survivex training centre, Aberdeen on the 1st September [exact details to follow*].

This year, the charity is recognising the support of volunteers, befrienders, fundraisers, healthcare professionals (including midwives) for their contributions towards Sands’ aims to support anyone affected by death of a baby over the past 40 years across the UK.

The Sands 40th anniversary is also a way to acknowledge the charity’s impact on the lives of many bereaved parents, improvements in bereavement care and funding vital research to help reduce the number of babies dying.

Sands is at the heart of supporting bereaved parents and the local support groups which are situated across the UK.

Sands groups are run on a voluntary basis by people who have themselves experienced the death of a baby.


Want to get Involved?

To donate towards the HUET challenge:

*If you would like to be kept informed of further event details as they develop please Contact Us.


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