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23 Mar 2019 / News

Kyle Davidson - Successful Transition Training Fund Applicant


31-year-old Kyle Davidson was a technical co-ordinator for Oceaneering when he was made redundant.

Kyle admits it was a challenging time, but viewed it as an opportunity learn new skills, and applied to the Transition Training Fund for support.

Having used the fund to complete a series of training courses, mostly linked to health and safety, he’s now an apprentice electrician and feeling far more confident about what lies ahead.

He said: “I’d got married the week before, and during my first or second week back in the New Year we were pulled into the office and given letters telling us we were at risk.

“I’d been with Oceaneering for just over five years in total and there were two of us doing the same job but they wanted to cut it down to one position.

“We were each convinced we were the ones who would be going, but it was the other guy who was kept on.

“I was offered a short-term contract but I didn’t take it as it was an opportunity to go and do something different.”

Kyle went on to secure an apprenticeship with Inverness-based firm Sutherland Electrical Engineering

“I started my apprenticeship in August,” he said.

“They do a lot of fish farm work and there’s another part of the business called Sterner AquaTech who provide a lot of aquaculture solutions such as equipment, field installations and support. Some of that is linked to what I did before.

“I’m really enjoying it, and it’s a good company to be working for.”

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To apply you only need your National Insurance number and to complete a simple online form. If at any stage you have a question you can speak to a SDS (Skills Development Scotland) advisor on 0808 100 1855.

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The deadline for applications is 31/03/2019, or when the fund is exhausted - so don't delay.



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