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27 Jan 2023 / News

Reaching new heights – scaffolder loves offshore life


34-year-old, Scott from Edinburgh is living the dream after securing a regular offshore scaffolding job with Stork – something he’s wanted for the past six years.

After leaving school at 16, Scott bounced from one office job to the next but always craved a more hands-on, practical working life.

Eventually Scott left office-life and moved into labouring on a local building site. It was by a quirk of fate he ended up as a scaffolder.

Scott explains:

“Even while doing my labouring job I was always really interested in what the scaffolders were up to on site and I helped them whenever I could. It was during this time I was warned redundancies were coming and I was likely to be one of the unlucky workers laid off. The onsite scaffolding company heard about this and offered to take me on in a trainee position. It was a great relief but I also feel it was meant to be.

“I really enjoy scaffolding and many of the lads I worked with also had offshore careers. When I heard about offshore life, I decided this was my ultimate goal – especially after meeting my partner, Ailish.”


Scott spent the next few years saving up and last July completed the Offshore Starter Package with AIS Survivex, which includes all of the mandatory training you need before applying for offshore work...


“The training was fantastic. There were a good mix of people on my course and the instructors were brilliant. I’ve kept in touch with many of the people I met – including the instructors.”

After completing his training, Scott went all out to look for an offshore role and sent his CV everywhere he could think of. He still remembers the day his efforts came up trumps.

“I was at work on site last September when I got the call offering me an offshore scaffolding position with Stork. I couldn’t believe it and stopped dead. Ever since starting work as a scaffolder this was the moment I’d dreamed of. I was over the moon.” 


Scott has just returned from his fourth offshore trip with Stork and it’s everything he ever wanted...

“I love it offshore. I get to meet some fantastic people and work in some amazing places. The shift patterns also free me up to spend quality time at home with Ailish and our two children.

"Getting this job has truly changed my life. I can’t thank Stork enough for giving me this opportunity and for the great training from AIS Survivex which helped get me here. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”



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Top Tip

Be persistent.

Scooping your first offshore position can seem like a Catch 22 situation with many employers asking for existing offshore experience, as well as your certs, before they’ll take you on. Luck and timing can play a big part in success so make sure you contact recruiters regularly to make sure your name is high on their radar. Being successful can be as simple as being in the right place at the right time. The more course certificates you hold also pushes you up the pecking order, making you more employable.





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