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09 Jul 2015 / News

Teaching Life Saving Skills to the Front Line


Survivex instructors have been teaching essential first aid skills to members of staff at a mental health charity.

This essential training, which took place over two separate dates at the charity’s own premises, taught basic life support skills and the treatment of minor illnesses whilst developing an understanding by all delegates of the role of the first aider.

Speaking from the Survivex training facility in Aberdeen, Marketing Manager Jenny Davidson said, “At Survivex we take our corporate social responsibility obligations very seriously, so when we were approached by the charity with the request to deliver affordable first aid training to its employees we immediately offered to donate the training free of charge”

Aberdeen Counselling and Information Service (ACIS) provides a friendly and therapeutic space where individuals can talk in confidence about difficult experiences, stress or conflict they may be facing.  It acts as a platform from which clients can explore choices and begin to move forward with their lives.

“This counselling service is of fundamental importance as mental health issues affect so many people,” continues Jenny, ““In total 14 individuals received the training which is accredited by SQA.  It’s good to know that if any of the delegates find themselves in an emergency situation each is well equipped with the skills required to deliver essential first aid to their patients”.

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