Standby rescue teams


Our Standby Rescue Teams can provide specialist emergency response cover for any task, in any environment, at any time.

When operations involve high risk conditions, health and safety legislation and industry best practice dictates that a competent and qualified standby rescue team is in place.  Recruiting a permanent team of specialists or training up your own staff can be time consuming and cost prohibitive.

At Survivex, we have a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals who can provide rescue cover on an ad-hoc basis for a variety of hazardous scenarios at any location.

Specialising in a range of disciplines including confined space rescue, rescue 

at height and at height and advanced first aid they have the experience and qualifications to adapt to whatever situation they may be faced with.

Whether it is providing rescue cover for confined space tank cleaning activities or working at height duties, our highly skilled team can provide the expertise and confidence you require to ensure the successful outcome in any circumstances.

Delivering more than just a rescue service, our personnel can assist in pre-planning, risk assessing and job safety analysis to ensure the safeguarding of personnel & assets.



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