Training management service


Survivex will manage your training in a way that suits you.

From sourcing, booking and delivering training for your teams to managing the compliance, competency and development of your entire workforce, Survivex will provide the services and solutions to suit your requirements.


Consolidate your training suppliers into a single relationship and join dozens of industry’s biggest customers with AIS Training's award-winning training management.

Training Management Services

Your training management can be tailored to incorporate the features that will benefit your organisation.

Our Training Management Services provide a comprehensive solution for all aspects of your training management requirements. We’ll do the groundwork, leaving your internal teams to focus on what you do best.

   A dedicated team
  • Look after your training and competency needs
  • Act as an extension to your internal training and competence team
  • Remove the administrative burden of managing bookings, including searching for dates, scheduling and re-scheduling
  • Provide one central communication channel
  • Work proactively with you to identify value added solutions
  • Provide flexibility
  • Allow you to focus on value-adding training and competence activities in your department
   Access to 1,000s of courses
  • Practical and digital training
  • Hundreds of training providers and partners who have been comprehensively pre-approved and audited
  • Worldwide locations
  • Almost unlimited availability
  • Globally recognised qualifications from awarding bodies
   A single vendor
  • A single consolidated monthly invoice which significantly reduces finance processing costs
  • Reduced costs through bulk-purchasing / being part of a buying group
  • A ready supply chain which means you don’t have to spend time negotiating with individual suppliers
  • A consolidated supply chain
  Logistics management 
  • Organising travel and accommodation
  • Issuing joining instructions for all training courses
  • Coordinating management


 Training Management System

Our Training Management Services are underpinned by the world-leading Transform Training Management System (TMS) software platform. TMS is a fully integrated training, competency and learning management platform.

The powerful software provides real-time management and monitoring or your entire workforce’s training requirements. This includes everything from understanding the training needs of your workforce to requesting, approving and booking training to maintain or increase the safety, compliance and competence of your workforce. Visit the Transform website to find out more.

Job role matrices
  • Simple to use and visually appealing training matrices
  • Ensures complete competence for everyone in your workforce
  • Provides assurance personnel have the correct certifications for their job role
  • Ability to incorporate alternative matrices for secondary job roles or client specific requirements
  • Quickly and efficiently measures potential personnel up against different job roles
Skills gap analysis
  • Quickly and efficiently identify skills gaps in your personnel training matrices
  • Budget for possible training requirements before a project begins
  • Analyse skills gaps for people moving roles, assets or as part of continuing professional development
Expiry notifications
  • Ensures you remain complaint
  • Allows live monitoring of certificate expiries
  • Provides periodic reminders to ensure you don’t miss an expired certificate
  • Delivered through powerful reporting tools such as Microsoft PowerBI
  • Create dashboards for quick oversight on compliance – by role, asset, client or projects
  • Provides visibility on what you are spending on training
  • Accurately forecasts future training spend using expiry and job role data
  • Identifies courses which are in-demand
  • Instantly shows the skills of all personnel
  • Offers the ability to provide clients with total confidence and visibility of your workforce working on their sites
System access
  • Provides access to manage bookings, dates and add/remove personnel
  • Matrix Builder functionality
  • Allows changes to be made anywhere, at any time
  • User access for Training Administrators, Delegates, Supervisors and Super Admins
Simplified process
  • Ensures bookings can be made in a few simple steps
  • Removes the need to search dozens of potential suppliers
  • Allows your personnel to manage bookings with carefully controlled restrictions
  • Provides delegates with access to take responsibility for booking training events
  • Offers access to a global network of training providers with live course availability
  • Shows a seamless overview of course availability and bookings
  • Impartially selects appropriate vendors based on dates, availability, location and price