Onboard training


AIS Survivex can deliver North Sea safety standards anywhere in the world. Our onboard training improves crew competency and operational performance while significantly reducing costs when compared to traditional training methods. 

All our trainers are experts in their field with years of industry experience and are qualified Instructor/Assessors. We have trained on over 150 assets in 39 different countries and completed 25 new build mobilisations from shipyard to drill location.

Our onshore support team will plan the training prior to mobilisation and create a gap analysis and daily training plan based on the existing training matrix.

Our aim is to achieve 100% compliance with company, contract and national legislative requirements. We can offer advice on training matrix content when your rig moves to a new location. 

Trainers work 12 hour shifts to suit ongoing rig operations and are multi-diciplined so can train a wide variety of courses while on board. All training courses feature a mix of theoretical  and practical training and are accredited by OPITO, IADC, API, NORSOK, NR and HSE, as appropriate.


Delivered onboard

Rigging and lifting
Banksman slinger
Crane operations (pedestal/knuckle boom)
Stage 3 crane operator assessments
Confined space




Working at heights
Fire team member
Fire team leader
Helideck team
General health and safety



Why choose Survivex onboard training



No need to pay personnel training pay which is often the most significant cost related to onshore training

No additional costs for transport, accommodation and subsistence

On a per certificate basis on-board training will result in a significant saving due to the number of training courses a Survivex trainer can do while on board thus maximising your training budget 


Survivex will prepare a daily training plan which will provide a clear and complete budget

Training is conducted in an open forum where staff and management can clearly observe the training


Training is conducted in realistic, familiar surroundings and can be tailored to include team exercises which also act as team building

Improved results

Trainees gain the specific skills they require for a particular role which is then reinforced with hands-on practical exercises to maximise their learning experience


Personnel trained to a common standard as opposed to varying standards when provided by different training providers

Safety performance and morale

Onboard training showcases the employers’ commitment to employee training and development


The instructor will work 12 hour shifts to sync with crews working patters and maximise time spent on board

Survivex will supply a multi discipline trainer which means more time spent training. Single course trainers can struggle to fill their working time due to crew availability




Training is conducted during on shift time as much as possible and will be worked into and around on-going operations

Instructors can train on new build rigs while in the shipyard prior to handover and /or on the initial transit to work location. To date we have mobilised 25 new build rigs from ship yard to work location, e.g. Busan to Angola

Deployment of trainers can be facilitated at short notice (sometimes less than 24 hours)

Simple day-rate model invoiced in GBP or USD

No additional ‘per certificate’ charges

Bi-lingual instruction

Survivex can provide trainers who are bi-lingual and can train local as well as ex-pat crews in their native language

Global reach

Training location can be anywhere in the world on-board rigs (Jack up, Semi, Tender, Platform) and / or vessels (Drillship, Seismic, DSV, Pipe laying, FPSO, Subsea construction, well intervention)


Survivex has trained on over 150 offshore assets over the past 5 years in 39 different countries

Onboard and at our training centre in Aberdeen we have trained 235,000 delegates to be safer  and more effective in the offshore environment

Survivex has a dedicated team of staff trainers (we never use contractors to ensure our quality remains consistent) all of whom undergo the Survivex trainer induction programme

All of our trainers have real and relevant offshore experience in roles such as stage 3 crane operator, deck crew, roustabout and most held secondary roles such as ERT etc.


Survivex training is delivered in accordance with industry accreditations and best practice including API, IADC, OPITO, UK HSE, NORSOK, NR, OSHA, CAPP, AUS, NZ



Book your onboard training today

Our dedicated Business Development Manager, Joanna Schmitz, will manage all of your onboard training requirements. For a full list of training that can be conducted aboard your installation, or to discuss your specific training requirements please email her at onboard@survivex.com