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04 Sep 2018 / News

Lights, Camera, Action! HUET Challenge Caught on Camera...


On Saturday 1st September Scottish swimming champ Hannah Miley conquered the HUET at Survivex. 

All participants undertook Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) including submerge and capsize scenarios, plus a special solo run by Hannah with our environmental effects theatre on... 

The simulator replicates as near as possible real-life weather/sea conditions with wind, waves, sound effects and alarms - an experience a cut above regular survival training. 

The inclusion of these effects is in line with the more advanced level of Aircrew training North Sea helicopter pilots must complete, which was of particular interest to Hannah who's father, Patrick Miley, was a North Sea Helicopter pilot for 27 years;

"He would routinely fly over the North Sea to the Oilrigs.  This was a challenging job with a range of risks and hazards that he had to face on a daily basis. I am extremely proud of him for what he has achieved over the years."  - Hannah Miley


See for Yourself...

We are delighted to announce that the event was a roaring success, with all participants completing the challenge successfully! Watch the video of the day here;



A Worthy Cause...

Hannah and her group of brave volunteers including fellow Olympian Ellie Faulkner as well as her two brothers, Joseph and Alastair Miley, undertook this challenge in aid of Sands (Stillbirth & Neonatal Death) charity. Sands provide support to families dealing with bereavement as well as promoting better maternity care and funding critical research to improve infant mortality. 

"Sands does an amazing job supporting those affected by stillbirths and neonatal deaths. Something our family holds close to our hearts."  - Joseph Miley

All funds raised are to benefit the new Baird Family Hospital at the Foresterhill Health Campus in Aberdeen. If you would like to make a contribution there is still time to do so.



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